Yes, Anda reached out for customers to take some Personalized Leather Planners for a present to their clients. It was important for Anda's customers to be presented its customized journals to match their business. Anda gets a number of its promotional journals to take therefore our factory can entirely personalise some aspects of the promotional journals among every pages to the cover. We had eco-friendly material to broadcast their business, the company also show colorful bonds.

Supplier Anda Custom Notebooks
Custom Custom Inner Pages
Number of sheets 120
Page weight 135
Cover spec Cow leather
Factory name A6
Their planners are hand made of best paper at Japan. All of eye-protection paper are taken in Japan. Custom journals is made to all kinds of business presents. Personalized Leather Planners were punched from un-processed leather to shape a single notebook's cover. The leathers used on our notebooks have a lot of different items, then there is anything you are looking for but can't do it on the internet. Pls find our support team on contact page and we can tell you how to choose.

Our Anda company has a team with many brilliant company as for Modori, with Anda stationery. It will Anda custom notebook can save a good Personalized Leather Planners to suit your design.

Anda stationery can produce loose-leaf notebooks and Moleksine Personalized Leather Planners . We work with the excellent supplier of materials, Kindly contact our support team for more question. so the worker will advise your company on the top service to personalize your company's Personalized Leather Planners .

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