Yes, Anda was ordered in customers to manufacture a bulk order of Customized Daily Planner as present to its new staffs. It is meaningful for Anda's customers to possess its diaries to ad the products. Anda buy a great many its diaries to order ,after that Anda companies can perfectly custom many ways of the promotional journals from the outside to the cover to the inside page. We carefully purchsed biodegradable material to disseminate its company, our factory also promote other decorations.

Seller name Anda Company
Customization option Custom Notebooks
Sheets number 120
Weight of sheet 110
Cover spec Cloth
Size A4
Our company's notepad made of high quality paper in beautiful place. A number of paper were taken in best factory. The raw materials is produced in a fantanstic promotional items. Customized Daily Planner are punched from un-produced leather to shape a single leather cover. Our leathers on products come in plenty of patterns, so that if something your company want to buy but can't find it on our store. Pls email us and the designers should tell you how to choose.


Anda custom notebook allies with all kinds of excellent company like Leuchtturm, with Anda brand. It will Anda can keep best Customized Daily Planner to suit your design.

Anda stationery professionally sell classic notepads and Filofax Customized Daily Planner . We hand with the top store of PU leather, Pls email us for detailed question. then our assistant can advise you on the excellent style to custom made your Customized Daily Planner .