We company is being contacted for clients to produce a little Affordable Personalized Planners as a promotional product to their clients. It is believed that the product is perfect for customer to own his notepads to promote its business. The company takes some its journals to take then our company,Anda stationery, can fully customized many aspects of the personalized notebooks among every pages to the cover. Our purchasing obtain eco-friendly material to propagandize their business profits, our sales also show other decorations.

Mill name Anda Factory
Custom option Custom Pages
Sheets number 96
Paper weight 105
Cover material Leather cover
Book size B4
Their notepads are made of beautiful leather at Anda's workhouse. A part of material are sourced in USA. The raw materials were made into a colorful customer's presents. Affordable Personalized Planners are punched from un-made leather to produce a single notepad's cover. Raw leathers have many kinds of patterns, so that if anything you wanna have but can't do it on our shop. Be free to contact us and designers can display you how to make choice.

Our Anda company coordinates with many known notebooks producer like Joss, along with our notebook's brand. It will Anda can have a good Affordable Personalized Planners to suit your design.

The company can sell classic journals and also Moleksine Affordable Personalized Planners . We collaborate with the top-class company of materials, Pls find our support team on contact page to detailed support. so the support man will introduce your company on the good quality product to customize your Affordable Personalized Planners .

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