• Customized Diary for The Design Solution

    Customized Diary for The Design Solution
    We were contacted with the design solution because they wanted to create a customized journal to be presented to their directors at a conference in southern france. However, they are in such a hurry that they need to brand and staple their notebooks within a week. The design solution chooses dark blue leathers to match their brand color with a contrasting yellow elasticity. Lee's...
  • Customized Notebooks for Space NK

    Customized Notebooks for Space NK
    We've created a customized notebooks for Space.n.k., which wants to design a customized logo notebooks as a gift to employees and customers. The team, which works with SpaceNK, wants a leather that matches the brand' s colors and a piece of leather to complement its range of makeup. Mr. Lee' s customized notebooks is made of the finest leather in Italy. It comes in...
  • Branded Journals for Salesforce University

    Branded Journals for Salesforce University
    UK sales forces contacted Anda and stocked their customers and staff with branded journals as gifts. It' s important for salespeople to match their diaries with their real brand colors. Anda makes most of its Anda custom notebooks, so we can completely customize every aspect from the outside notebook to cover the inside pages. Our carefully selected leather paired with the color of the Selling Power brand, we also work with elasticity and a bookmark...
  • Custom Journal for Rekorder

    Custom Journal for Rekorder
    Rekorderlig contacted us as early as 2014 to help them design custom journals with Logo for the company' s activities at the end of the month. Plain and simple, they want a luxury journals that matches the key color of their brand, but that stands out when given to customers and is actually used rather than raffled on the table. Anda Stationery sent a series of samples to...
  • Branded Notebooks for Bonsucro

    Branded Notebooks for Bonsucro
    Anda Stationery works with many large stationery manufacturers and suppliers, as well as producing our own custom notebooks. We can creat your own notebooks and diary books out of leather, pure skin, artificial leather and cloth. We have hundreds of different materials with gloss and matte finish. Bonsucro is in contact with us and is committed to the sustainable development of the sugar cane industry. Designers...
  • Customize Notebooks for HK Company

    Customize Notebooks for HK Company
    HK contacted us to customize their notebooks for their Logo. It' s simple: they want to make a range of customized notebooks for their brands and give them away to key customers, even though they' re looking for real custom leather notebooks, not moleskine-style customized diary. Customers chose a set of two cheap kind custom notebooks, the traditional brown and black leather covers in A5 landscapes, and...
  • Custom-Made Notebooks for Pop Sugar

    Custom-Made Notebooks for Pop Sugar
    The company contacted them on behalf of their clients, who had a very simple, brief statement to reproduce a set of customized notebooks that matched exactly one of the notebooks they had received from their directors. The magazine we need to make is a custom-made notebooks with a gold-plated cover. Anda custom-made notebooks and diaries to exact specifications have thousands of choices for our custom-made notebooks from...
  • What are the advantages of customized notebooks?

    What are the advantages of customized notebooks?
    What are the advantages of customized notebooks ? First control the product quality, then increase sales, and then make a brand and then it will form an advantage. The main thing is to increase customized notebooks sales and customized notebooks quality.Product name, usage, phone number or WeChat QR code or somethingWhat are the reliable customized notebooks for office supplies and customized gifts?Of course, Anda is recommended. Anda’s main...
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