With so many types of custom branded notebooks binding styles, we' ve broken the foundations of some common ways you can make a more informed decision when you' re looking for the right type of binding for your custom branded notebooks.

Hard Cover or Case Binding

Probably the most common form of custom branded notebooks binding for hardbound books. There are several different types to choose from, but they usually involve parts of the internal custom page that are stitched together. Then stick them on the reel paper and cover them up.

Perfect Bound

Folding the part of the page signature, their spine pruning and roughing to improve the bonding with glue. All parts are proofread and pasted on the cover. The cover is always scored on the back and front to make it easier to open and reduce pressure on your spine.

Singer Sewn

Singer' s sewing bindings can be used in custom logo notebooks with only one part. The spine and the cover pass through the sewing machine together, so that there is a visible continuous thread on the outside of the book. The style is popular in high-end periodicals, with more and more luxury materials on its covers, and even contrasting, colorful silk stitches on the hem of the lotus leaf, known in the mosley karrier collection.

Saddle Stitching

Possibly the most common and economical binding method. The stamping line runs through the outer spine of the document and then folds the wire horizontally into the middle to hold all the pages. It may provide a similar appearance, but not the same as stapling.

Sewn Bound

Similar to saddle stitching, but using thread instead of thread. The thread is sewn along the entire spine. As more pages are added, it begins to look very similar to case binding, but there is no hardback version

Wire-O Binding

This binding holds the custom pages in place with a double loop through the hole on the left side of the spine. Instead of hovering in the branded notebooks, it forms a wire comb. After opening, the page is laid flat and can rotate 360 degrees. Line binding-O binding is durable, but printing on the spine is not allowed.

Spiral Binding

The left side of the custom branded notebooks is perforated in a series of small holes. The coil is bound and screwed into these holes from one end of the book to the other. Binding can be made of plastic or wire and allows printing documents to be flattened and doubled. Spiral coils range in diameter from 1 / 4 inch to 2 inch and can be bound up to 24 inch books.