Promotional Items for Mardigy Metal Inc.

We company was called from Anda to produce a great many Promotional Items as a promotional item to their customer. It's exciting for people to get their beautiful notebooks to propagandize their products details. The company makes few of its custom notebooks to take ,after that we company can wholely customise many aspects of the custom journals including its gift box and cover. We selected eye-protection material to report its company, our company also broadcast other stuffs.

Mill Anda Stationery
Customization option Custom Journal
Sheets number 100
Weight of sheet 110
Material of cover Pu
Book size A7
Their Promotional Items ware made from beautiful leather at Japan. All of raw material are taken in best factory. Custom journals are produced into a favourable promotional presents. Promotional Items are punched directly from un-produced leather to make a covers. Notebook's leathers have a lot of different colors and textures, then there is anything you are looking for but can't find it on our markets. Pls get in touch and our designers will show you how to complete the order.

Anda company cooporates with many celebrated notebooks producer as for Modori, along with our brand. So we believe We can offer the right Promotional Items to display your information.

Anda technically customize leather journals but also Hobonichi, Promotional Items . We ally with the top company of Japanese leather, Pls find our support team on contact page for more information. later the worker can advise your company on the brilliant style to custom made your company's Promotional Items .

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