Anda design agent contacted them after seeing our previous work. The campaign to create branding notebooks in-house training day coming up, which it wants to give each member of the team a promotional branding notebooks to remove all the colourful "dirty'' trademarks they use in print and digital advertising.

The design solution chooses dark blue leathers branding notebooks to match their brand color with a contrasting yellow elasticity. Mr. Lee' s branding notebooks has a large inventory of leather, so it can be color-matched quickly and easily. That way we can make sure we receive branding diaries with logo before your event.

We also added an insert, also known as tip-in-content, to the front and back of the book to fill branding notebooks with Logo and activity information for the coming year. Printing inserts is a cost-effective way to add more information to a notebook set; We can print them into a wide range of paper stock up to 12 pages.

The magazine' s most compelling feature is the complete faded logo on the cover; It' s one of the favorite designs of office elders! Since all branding notebooks must be ordered in our shop, we can customize the notebooks in various ways that no one else can. If you have a design or idea, touch it, see what we can create for you, and here are some custom options.