Customized Journal , ordered from Biegsek Book Business

Yes, Anda was reached out from customers to produce a few Customized Journal as a gift to its new staffs. It was important for them to take their personalized notebooks to propagandize his products list. Our factory manufactures a little its custom notebooks to be offered therefore the factory can perfectly personlize every aspects of the notepads from the cover to inner pages. We purchsed the material to ad its brand color, we company also promote other elements.

Supplier Anda Notebooks
Custom choice Custom Notebooks
Sheets number 120
Sheet weight 135
Material of cover Cloth
Book size B4
Our Customized Journal ware made of best paper at Japan. Some of leather was purchased in Mogonlia. The raw materials were found in a high quality corporate gifts. Customized Journal were punched from big leather to shape a single journal's cover. Our leathers on products have many types of shape, so that there is anything you want to buy but can't make it on our online shop. Pls contact us and our teams should display you how to make choice.

Our Anda company works with a lot of renowned manufacturer such as Joss, togather with Anda's journals. So we company can get suitable Customized Journal to display the brand.

Anda company carefully custom hardcover diaries as well as Paperblanks Customized Journal . Our factories coordinate with the good quality supplier of Japanese leather, Pls emails our support for more to detailed info. later our company can give you our best suggestion for you on the excellent choice to produce your Customized Journal .

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