Customize Notebooks for HK Company

HK contacted us to customize their notebooks for their Logo. It' s simple: they want to make a range of customized notebooks for their brands and give them away to key customers, even though they' re looking for real custom leather notebooks, not moleskine-style customized diary.

Customers chose a set of two cheap kind custom notebooks, the traditional brown and black leather covers in A5 landscapes, and we created a custom notebooks using an A-5 landscape notebook block with a soft leather cover. Since our custom notebooks is made on order, we can let Hill and Norton choose the color of their elastic band and bookmark band. To match the color of the new brand, customers chose to add orange elasticity and ribbon while their two logo matches the bright background foil brand.

Our custom leather notebooks are made of pure Italian leather, we have more than 100 colors to choose from, and we can supply matching leather for larger orders. We offer a range of different leather finish from soft glossy waxy finish to crocodile skin or lizard prints, so please contact us for more information about our custom leather notebook and customization options.

As we produce custom notebooks and planner order book blocks that can customize every aspect of your book, including paper types, elasticity, leather covers, and vegan leather coverings we also offer a variety of ways to brand notebook crashes to choose a notebook brand that matches the orange lining. It' s a simple and inexpensive way to customize a notebook and add color to the cover to make sure you' re impressive every time you use it.

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