Customize Journal , ordered from Baogogy Metal Pt.

Our company was connected through sales inc to manufacture a great many Customize Journal as something like gift to their business partner. The gift is best for they and their friends to be presented his custom notebooks to broadcast their products details. Our company,Anda stationery, produces plenty of its journals to order therefore Anda companies can utterly custom made few aspects of the custom notebooks including its gift box and cover. Anda factory selected the paper to advertise its business, Anda also promote beautiful belt.

Seller name Anda Notebooks
Custom choice Custom Inner Pages
Sheets 120
Paper weight 95
Material of cover Cow leather
Factory name B6
Their Customize Journal were made by eye-protection paper at Monsieur notebooks. A great many raw material are sourced in USA. This kind of paper is made to a colorful corporate gifts. Customize Journal are punched from raw leather to shape a single diarie's cover. Cover leathers have plenty of designs, then if something your company want to buy but can't find it on our offline shop. Kindly contact our support team then our teams are able to show you how to complete the order.

Anda company coordinates with plenty of well known notebooks factory as for Moleksine, along with Anda brand. So we can provide suitable Customize Journal to suit your design.

We company can personalize hardcover diaries and Filofax Customize Journal . We ally with the one of the best factory of papers, Kindly contact our support team to detailed information. then our assistant can offer you on the one of the best style to personalize your Customize Journal .

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