Custom Printed Journals : purchased from Baraj Gift

The company was contacted from clients to produce a bulk order of Custom Printed Journals as something like gift to its new employees. Not bad for customer to own their custom notebooks to show the products. Anda makes a part of its notepads to customer so Anda stationery can perfectly personalized some sides of the journals from logo to products list. Our company purchsed the material to report its brand color, we company also disseminate other decorations.

Factory name Anda Industry
Customization option Logo Imprinting
Number of pages 96
Paper weight 115
Cover material Pu leather
Size B6
The Custom Printed Journals were made by colorful leather at Moloskine. A great many material was got in top factory. The papers was produced into many types of clients presents. Custom Printed Journals are punched from raw leather to produce a covers. Leathers which was used on our notebooks come in many types of shape, then if anything your company want to buy but can't reach it on the website. Kindly reach out our email then the teams will be able to display it to you.

Anda works with great many famous notebooks manufacturer like Hobonichi, accompanied by our brand. This means Anda custom notebook can provide suitable Custom Printed Journals to express your idea.

We company commits to personalize classic diaries and also Modori Custom Printed Journals . We work with the brilliant supplier of eye-protection paper, Pls get in touch to detailed support. then our worker will give you our best suggestion for your company on the brilliant product to custom made your Custom Printed Journals .

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