Custom Notebooks , design for Qaranl Staionery

Sale department was called from UK cloth to produce a bulk order of Custom Notebooks as a promotional item for the new staffs or clients. It's exciting for users to be gifted its branded notebooks to advertise their business. Our company gets a little its branded notebooks to get therefore Anda can totally customized some ways of the personalized notebooks including cover and boxes. Our company bring biodegradable material to disseminate its brand, the factory also disseminate other stuffs.

Seller name Anda Factory
Custom way Custom Pages
Page number 108
Page weight 130
Deatils of cover Hardcover
Book size A4
Anda's Custom Notebooks ware made of good material in shanghai. A plenty of raw material was taken in top leather factory. Persoanlized journals are produced to many types of customer's presents. Custom Notebooks are punched from general leather to make a covers. The leathers which will be produced into your custom notebooks had many different colors and textures, so that if something you are buying but can't find it on our online shop. Pls emails our support for more and our teams will definitely display you how to make choice.

Our company coordinates with all kinds of well known factory such as Campus, along with our own branded notebooks. That case means Our Anda company can get beautiful Custom Notebooks to express your products.

We can custom loose-leaf notebooks and Moleksine Custom Notebooks . We hand with the top store of papers, Pls get in touch to more info. and our worker will offer you on the top-class product to personalize your company's Custom Notebooks .

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