Custom Notebooks , customized by Miecdaj Office Limited

Yes, Anda was touched with clients to take plenty of Custom Notebooks as a promotional product for their office clerk. The product is great for clients to given his branded notebooks to promote their business. The company manufactures plenty of its beautiful notebooks to buy ,as a result Anda stationery can perfectly custom made every aspects of the promotional journals from the outside to the cover to the inside page. Anda factory choosen best material to report their business profits, the factory also match other elements.

Seller Anda Printing
Custom item Imprinting Logo
Number of pages 106
Sheet weight 130
Cover Genuine leather
Size B6
Our Custom Notebooks were made by high quality material at Monsieur notebooks. Some material are bought in top factory. The papers are produced in a favourable promotional products. Custom Notebooks were punched from raw leather to manufacture a journal's cover. The leathers which will be produced into your custom notebooks come in all kinds of styles, so if anything you after but can't reach it on the website. Pls get in touch then the support teams will be able to display you how to make choice.

We allies with all kinds of celebrated notebooks manufacturer like Joss, with our own branded notebooks. It means we can buy a high quality Custom Notebooks to display the brand.

We technically personalize loose-leaf notebooks as well as Castelli Custom Notebooks . We coordinate with the good quality mill of papers , Pls email us to more support. and the designer will advise your company on the brilliant style to custom made your Custom Notebooks .

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