Custom Logo Notebooks , ordered from Naicdot leather Pt.

We company was called from partner to bring a few Custom Logo Notebooks as a kind of gift to their clients. Not bad for users to get his customized journals to match their brand. The company makes few of its notepads to them so we company can completely customise many aspects of the branded notebooks from every pages to its gift box. We choosen biodegradable material to disseminate its brand color, our factory also report beautiful tie.

Factory name Anda Custom
Customization option Custom Cover
Page number 100
Paper weight 135
Material of cover Paper
Notebooks size B7
This Custom Logo Notebooks ware made of high quality material in Italy. A great many materials is bought in china stated own mill. Custom notebooks were made into a good looking promotional items. Custom Logo Notebooks are punched directly from un-processed leather to finished a covers. Leathers material have a lot of textures, then if something you are buying but can't find it on our store. Pls call us and the teams should guide you to order.

We company collaborates with many renowned notebooks manufacturer like Filofax, with our own brand. That will Anda custom notebook can found the right Custom Logo Notebooks to show your brand.

Our Anda company can manufacture hot saled diaries as well as Filofax Custom Logo Notebooks . We work with the top-class store of eye-protection paper, Kindly contact our support team to detailed question. later the worker will introduce our arrangement for you on the best choice to customize your Custom Logo Notebooks .

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