Custom Logo Notebooks for Daocdaw steel LLC

Yes, Anda dealed by customer to purchase plenty of Custom Logo Notebooks as a promotional item for their clients. It is meaningful for they and their friends to take their customized journals to ad their business profits. The factory buy a portion of its diaries to order ,after that Anda companies can wholely personalized some sides of the journals including cover and boxes. Our purchasing choosen perfect paper to disseminate their business profits, our sales also disseminate good looking tape.

Supplier Anda Stationery
Customization option Custom Cover
Number of pages 100
Weight of page 100
Cover Cloth
Size B5
Anda's Custom Logo Notebooks are made by good material at Japan. A part of material is bought in china stated own mill. The raw materials were made as a fantanstic corporate gifts. Custom Logo Notebooks are punched directly from big leather to produce a diarie's cover. Leathers material have many kinds of design, so as to if anything you are buying but can't make it on our offline shop. Pls contact us and we will be able to guide you through order process.

Anda custom notebook joins hands with plenty of good manufacturer like Leuchtturm, along with our own brand. It will Anda can offer a right Custom Logo Notebooks to express your products.

Anda stationery will produce leather diaries as well as Filofax Custom Logo Notebooks . Our factories collaborate with the biggest supplier of PU leather, Kindly contact our support team for detailed info. then our sale will offer you on the one of the best product to manufacture your company's Custom Logo Notebooks .

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