Custom Logo Journals , order by Cadim Metal Co.,ltd

We company was emailed by customers to buy some of Custom Logo Journals as a corporate gift for their clients. It is perfect for people to given its custom journals to advertise its company. We company buy a number of its customized journals to get then Anda custom notebook can fully customise many ways of the notepads from the outside to the cover to the inside page. Our company get eco-friendly material to ad the products, we also report colorful bonds.

Mill Anda Office
Custom way Custom Logo
Number of sheets 100
Page weight 120
Cover spec Hardcover
Size B6
Our company's Custom Logo Journals are hand made of leather at Monsieur notebooks. A plenty of material was taken in top leather factory. The leathers were manufactured to a colorful corporate gifts. Custom Logo Journals are punched directly from a big piece of leather to make a single leather cover. Our leathers on products had a lot of different design, so that if something you wanna buy but can't discover it on the website. Pls get in touch then the designers should show you how to complete the order.

Anda stationery hands with plenty of well known mill such as Moleksine, togather with our notebook's brand. So Anda custom notebook can have a high quality Custom Logo Journals to display your information.

Anda is able to personalize eco-friendly notebooks and also Castelli Custom Logo Journals . We hand with the first-class store of faux leather, Pls emails our support for more for more answers. then the designer will suggest your company on the biggest choice to custom made your company's Custom Logo Journals .

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