Corporate Notebooks , design for Caerauj Food Corp.

A day, Anda was contacted by partner to buy a portion of Corporate Notebooks for gifts to its new staffs. It was important for they and their friends to purchase themselve's diaries to advertise his products list. We company makes a little its beautiful notebooks to take therefore our factory can totally personalise many aspects of the branded notebooks including its gift box and cover. Our company bring the paper to broadcast its business, our factory also show elastic ribbon.

Seller name Anda Office
Custom channel Imprinting Logo
Number of sheets 106
Sheet weight 115
Material Cow leather
Size of notebook B4
Their Corporate Notebooks made of best paper at our factory. A number of raw material was bought in top leather factory. This kind of paper were made into a high quality promotional products. Corporate Notebooks are punched from raw leather to shape a single journal's cover. Leathers which was used on our notebooks come in many kinds of colors, then if something your company want to buy but can't reach it on our store. Pls get in touch then designers will be able to guide you through order process.

Anda custom notebook works with a lot of excellent brand like Modori, accompanied by our journal brand. So Anda stationery can have beautiful Corporate Notebooks to express your products.

Anda custom notebook is able to personalize soft cover notebooks as well as Campus Corporate Notebooks . We ally with the first-class company of materials, Pls email us for more answers. and our sale will offer your company on the best choice to produce your company's Corporate Notebooks .

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