Yes, Anda got in touch from customers to purchase a great many Corporate Gift for a present to their business partner. It is perfect for Anda's customers to be presented its personalized notebooks to display its brand color. Anda custom notebook makes plenty of its diaries to them so our company,Anda stationery, can fully customise many ways of the beautiful notebooks from the cover to inner pages. We opted eco-friendly material to advertise their business, Anda stationery also show beautiful lace.

Supplier Anda Company
Custom choice Imprinting Logo
Number of pages 94
Weight of sheet 115
Cover Leather
Notebooks size A5
Anda Corporate Gift ware made of leather at Japan. A lot of raw material are got in top factory. It are produced in a favourable promotional gifts. Corporate Gift were punched from un-processed leather to shape a single notepad's cover. Leathers which was used on our notebooks have all kinds of design, so if anything you wanna buy but can't find it on our online shop. Be free to contact us then the designers will definitely show you how to make order.

Anda company teams with great many known producer like Castelli, togather with our journal brand. It will Anda stationery can buy suitable Corporate Gift to express your idea.

Our Anda company can personalize hardcover notebooks and also Joss Corporate Gift . We work with the high quality mill of faux leather, Pls get in touch for more support. so our company can offer you on the one of the best design to customize your Corporate Gift .