Branding Notebooks for Kacdenl Economy Inc

Our company got in touch by partner to produce a portion of Branding Notebooks as a corporate gift to its new staffs. It's exciting for they and their friends to possess its branded notebooks to ad its brand. Anda gets a little its customized journals to purchase ,as a result our factory can wholely personlize some ways of the journals from inner pages to its headers. The factory choosen eye-protection material to propagandize the products, the factory also report good looking tape.

Mill name Anda Factory
Custom option Custom Inner Pages
Sheets number 98
Weight of paper 110
Cover spec Leather cover
Notebooks size B5
Anda Branding Notebooks are hand made of the expert leather supplier at Monsieur notebooks. All of raw material were purchased in Mogonlia. The leathers are produced into all kinds of clients presents. Branding Notebooks are punched from un-processed leather to produce a single notebook's cover. Anda's leathers come in a lot of different colors and textures, then if something you after but can't discover it on our shop. Kindly contact our support team then the teams will guide you through order process.

Anda cooporates with some eminent manufacturer such as Filofax, accompanied by our brand. We think We can buy most brilliant Branding Notebooks to display your information.

Anda custom notebook professionally customize leather notepads as well as Filofax Branding Notebooks . We ally with the biggest mill of papers, Kindly reach out our email to detailed question. and our worker can suggest you on the high quality choice to customize your Branding Notebooks .

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