Branding Notebooks , customized by Juilenl Beauty

Our company was contacted from sales inc to bring a part of Branding Notebooks as a promotional product for the company's new staffs. It is perfect for them to be gifted their branded notebooks to propagandize their products details. Our company,Anda stationery, makes plenty of its custom notebooks to purchase so our company can entirely custom some ways of the beautiful notebooks including cover and boxes. We get eye-protection material to match its brand, Anda stationery also display beautiful belt.

Supplier Anda Notebooks
Custom Custom Cover
Page number 102
Weight of paper 90
Material Pu leather
Notebooks size A3
This Branding Notebooks are made of the expert leather supplier in Italy. Some of leather is bought in china stated own mill. The papers was made to a beautiful promotional items. Branding Notebooks are punched directly from big leather to make a single products cover. The leathers which will be produced into your custom notebooks come in many types of colors, so that if there is something you are serching for but can't find it on the internet. Kindly reach out our email and the designers will display it to you.

The company works with lots of well known factory such as Hobonichi, with our company own brand. In the case, Anda stationery can keep a high quality Branding Notebooks to express your products.

Anda stationery professionally personalize soft cover diaries as well as Paperblanks Branding Notebooks . We coordinate with the top mill of papers, Pls get in touch to detailed information. and our company can offer your company on the top-class choice to customize your company's Branding Notebooks .

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