Branded Notebooks : purchased from Qiecdum Beauty Corp.

The company dealed for friends to make a great many Branded Notebooks as a gift for their customer. People think it is good for market to take its branded notebooks to display their products details. Anda custom notebook takes few of its journals to get then our factory can totally personlize many aspects of the diaries from every pages to its gift box. Our purchasing transparent the leahter to promote his products list, our factory also ad good looking tape.

Seller name Anda Industry
Custom channel Custom Inner Pages
Sheets number 110
Weight of paper 120
Material of cover Pu
Book size A4
Anda's Branded Notebooks are made by colorful leather in shanghai. Some of raw material is bought in Shanghai. Custom notebooks are produced in a cheap promotional items. Branded Notebooks were punched from raw leather to produce a products cover. Our leathers on products have many different designs, then if there is anything you after but can't make it on our stores. Pls call us then the designers are able to help you through our guide.

Anda company coordinates with some eminent factory like Castelli, along with our notebook's brand. That case means our company can sell most brilliant Branded Notebooks to show your brand.

We company is able to customize hot saled journals and Joss Branded Notebooks . We have a team with the biggest store of PU leather, Kindly reach out our email for detailed info. and the designer will introduce you on the one of the best service to manufacture your Branded Notebooks .

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