Branded Notebooks for Space N.K

We have produced a set of branded notebooks for Space N.K. Space N.K wants to make a luxurious leather branded notebooks as a gift to employees and customers. We recommend that they customize the Pantone Men's Monsieur notebook that matches with Italian leather.

The design team working with Space NK hopes that the leather can match the colors of the Space NK brand, and hope that the leather can complement its composition range. Monsieur leather branded notebooks are made of top-quality Italian leather. They have more than 180 colors that closely match the brand color. Ordered 2000 units, we can even match your leather with Pantone. Monsieur notebooks also provide their leather branded notebooks. Pantone supporting services.

We affixed the branded notebooks with a deep embossed logo that is recessed along the length of the branded notebooks. We provide a variety of branding methods for leather branded notebooks, vegan leather notebooks and Moleskine laptops.

Some journals are more suitable for different brand choices than others, please contact our sales team, they can advise you on the best choice for custom notebooks. Although Monsieur Notebook provides ruled paper, plain paper, dotted grid paper and sketch paper, Space NK chose ruled paper as the diary. All these papers are acid-free and are made of the highest quality 90 GSM Made of ivory paper.

Book Block provides a variety of branded notebooks from Moleskine diaries to Castelli laptops, as well as our own customized notebooks, which can be fully customized through custom printing and cover materials that match pantone. Since Book Block has its own publishing house and binding factory, we can manufacture customized periodicals and book them according to your exact requirements.

Here are some other examples of embossed leather branded notebooks.

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