Branded Notebooks for Mix Radio

Mission Media contacted Mix Radio Anda on behalf of its customers to mass-produce 2020 Branded Notebooks computers to launch the Mix Radio launch event within two weeks. Book Block sent a sample package to their designers to browse some of our past works and have a feel for the various Moleskine, Castelli and Monsieur Branded Notebooks we provide. The final style of the selected Branded Notebooks is a real A5 size black leather notebook. The Mister notebook leather book is molded from high-quality Italian leather stamped directly from the leather, forming a thick one-piece cover that can be directly bound to the book page. This gives the book a lovely and flexible feel, and at the same time has a unique top-grain leather scent and texture.

Anda offers a series of customizable and branded leather notebooks, from soft leather-edged Branded Notebooks to more traditional leather diaries with holsters. All products can be customized and have customized printed pages. Anda can now also provide gilded pages and provide beautiful high-end finishes for diaries.

Mix Radio decided to put a white logo on the cover of its book. We have a large selection of aluminum foil colors to choose from. These colors have both matte and glossy effects. If you are not sure which film effect is best to use on a Branded Notebooks, please contact our designer, who can send samples or read our detailed description of all custom methods.

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