Branded Notebooks for Campbell Lutyens

Campbell Lutyens called us in a Branded Notebooks emergency. They held an event within a few days, but there were not enough Branded Notebooks for conference participants. Fortunately, Anda can help! Book Block owns inventory of Moleskine and Castelli Branded Notebooks, as well as inventory provided by our partners in Monsieur Notebook, who have thousands of book cores and leathers to ensure they can complete orders within a few days.

Campbell Lutyens wanted a subtle design that would suit their event color and at the same time be a high-end gift for all participants. Anda recommends using a Monsieur Branded Notebooks made of dark navy blue leather, with a subtle embossed logo on the front, and matching satin and elastic bands.

Embossing is the most popular Branded Notebooks product. The embossing is subtle and clear, showing incredible detail on almost all Branded Notebooks and diaries. Leather is particularly suitable for depression, the soft fiber of leather can soften every detail of the design, but if you want to add some color to your notebook, please check our digital printing service, we can print on leather and Moleskine Branded Notebooks.

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