Branded Notebook customized for Kaelode Beauty LLC.

Yes, Anda was reached out from partner to bring some Branded Notebook as a promotional item to their business partner. It's exciting for people to buy their promotional journals to broadcast his products list. Anda custom notebook produces a great many its beautiful notebooks to market thus Anda stationery can fully custom some aspects of the customized journals from the cover to inner pages. We transparent the paper to ad their products details, the factory also propagandize beautiful belt.

Mill name Anda Stationery
Custom Logo Printing
Number of sheets 96
Weight of paper 125
Cover spec Pu leather
Notebooks size A3
Our company's Branded Notebook were made by good quality material in shanghai. Some material were taken in Euro. Custom made notebooks was made to a high cost performance gifts. Branded Notebook are punched from raw leather to finished a cover. Leathers material have plenty of designs, then if anything you wanna buy but can't take it on the markets. Pls email us then the designers will must show you how to complete the order.

Our Anda company hands with lots of known mill like Leuchtturm, along with our own branded journals. We think our company can provide a high quality Branded Notebook to suit you products.

Anda custom notebook technically personalize eco-friendly notepads and Hobonichi, Branded Notebook . We ally with the largest mill of raw material, Pls get in touch to more information. so the designer will suggest your company on the one of the best design to custom made your Branded Notebook .

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