What are the general types of corporate custom notebooks?
For enterprise customized notebooks, you can try to use the enterprise sharing  custom notebooks software dedicated sign, not only can version classification, but also support the team right to share the contents of the custom notebook:
1. Custom notebooks: Support changing skins with different colors and patterns to improve mood. You can set the same skin on your mobile phone and windows computer to help you work more pleasantly;
2. Easy to use: It is simple and convenient, with handwritten custom notebooks, the recorded content is automatically saved, and automatically synchronized to each device for viewing at any time for custom notebooks;
3. Synchronization: With the different needs between people, it must support multi-terminal synchronization of  custom notebooks. In the future,  custom notebooks will also support synchronization, which is convenient and fast;
4. Reminders: The  custom notebooks need to have additional functions to set timed reminders for important note content.
5. Permanent storage: log timeline function, regardless of the new, modified or deleted memo notes, you can retrieve them to prevent accidental deletion.
6. Sharing: Team notes are set up, and the  custom notebooks of to-do notepads are shared among enterprise members to improve work efficiency.
What are the custom notebook binding methods
There are loose-leaf and  custom notebooks binding methods, and many are customized.

Why do companies have to customize the notebook

First of all, the  custom notebooks is more practical. You can take notes in the company's internal meetings, which enhances employees' sense of belonging. The second customized notebook can be sent to customers, and customers like it better, and it also enhances the corporate brand image. Our company finds (Huaben Stationery) for design and production every year, and the company and customers are satisfied.