We company touched by sales inc to buy a little Personalized Journals as a gift to their business partner. People think it is good for customer to be gifted its branded notebooks to advertise their products details. Anda purchases a great many its personalized notebooks to customer then Anda companies can utterly personalise many sides of the personalized notebooks from cover logo to its insert pages. We carefully had the eye-protection paper to advertise its business, Anda stationery also show colorful string.

Supplier Anda Factory
Custom item Custom Cover
Sheets 110
Sheet weight 125
Cover spec Cloth
Size of notebook A3
It's notepads were made by good material in USA. A part of leather was bought in USA. The papers was made to many types of promotional gifts. Personalized Journals are punched directly from the leather hide to produce a single diarie's cover. The leathers used on our notebooks had many types of design, then if anything you after but can't reach it on our stores. Kindly reach out our email and our teams will show you how to make order.

Anda custom notebook cooporates with a lot of eminent manufacturer as for Moleksine, accompanied by our own branded journals. So we believe Anda stationery can offer a excellent Personalized Journals to display your information.

Anda can customize eco-friendly notepads and Leuchtturm Personalized Journals . We work with the excellent company of Japanese leather, Pls find our support team on contact page for detailed support. and the designer can suggest your company on the high quality service to manufacture your Personalized Journals .