personalised moleskine notebooks : 25K faux leather grey diaries

Our company is emailed from Anda to sell a portion of personalised moleskine notebooks as a kind of gift to their clients. It is believed that the product is perfect for they and their friends to given its custom notebooks to report their business. Our factory sells a portion of its beautiful notebooks to be offered therefore the company can wholely custom some ways of the journals from the outside to the cover to the inside page. Our factory choosen the eye-protection paper to disseminate their business, our factory also display other decorations.

Mill Anda Custom Notebooks
Custom channel Logo Printing
Number of pages 100
Weight of page 90
Material Cloth
Book size A7
Anda notebooks were made by good quality material in fantastic place. A great portion of material was sourced in Japan. Custom made notebooks was produced to a good looking business presents. personalised moleskine notebooks are punched from un-produced leather to produce a covers. Leathers which was used on our notebooks come in plenty of styles, then if something you are serching for but can't find it on the markets. Pls email us and our designers should guide you through order process.

Anda custom notebook cooporates with many celebrated mill as for Castelli, togather with Anda brand. It will We can have most brilliant personalised moleskine notebooks to suit your design.

Our company technically personalize soft cover notepads and Campus personalised moleskine notebooks . We cooporate with the first-class store of Japanese leather, Kindly reach out our email to more answers. and our team will suggest your company on the high quality design to manufacture your personalised moleskine notebooks .

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