Our company is called from Anda to bring a bulk order of wholesale custom logo notebooks as something like gift for the company's new staffs. It was important for customer to be presented their beautiful notebooks to propagandize its business. Anda custom notebook produces a little its notepads to take so the company can utterly custom made many ways of the customized journals including its gift box and cover. We carefully selected eye-protection material to propagandize their business profits, Anda stationery also match other decorations.

Seller name Anda Custom Notebooks
Custom option Logo Printing
Page number 92
Sheet weight 95
Material Genuine leather
Size B6
Our notebooks made of eye-protection paper in Italy. A plenty of papers were got in top factory. Custom notebooks was produced to a colorful promotional items. wholesale custom logo notebooks were punched from small leather to shape a single products cover. Leathers material have great many styles, so as to if there is anything you wanna buy but can't make it on the internet. Pls email us and our teams will help you through our guide.

Anda company teams with great many known journals producer such as Moleksine, along with our brand. In the case, we company can keep a excellent wholesale custom logo notebooks to express your products.

Anda company will customize loose-leaf planners and also Castelli wholesale custom logo notebooks . We team with the excellent store of raw material, Pls emails our support for more for detailed information. so our sale can suggest you on the biggest style to custom made your wholesale custom logo notebooks .

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