A day, Anda was connected through clients to manufacture some of Recipe Journals for gifts for the company's new staffs. It was important for users to have its custom journals to advertise their business profits. Anda stationery purchases plenty of its custom notebooks to buy ,as a result our company can greatly personlize every aspects of the custom notebooks from logo to products list. Anda stationery bring eco-friendly material to broadcast his products list, the factory also display beautiful tie.

Seller name Anda Notebooks
Custom way Custom Inner Pages
Number of pages 110
Weight of page 90
Material Cow leather
Factory name B8
It's notebooks are hand made by good quality material in USA. A part of leather were sourced in china stated own mill. The raw materials is made to a favourable promotional gifts. Recipe Journals are punched from a big piece of leather to produce a single notebook's cover. The leathers used on our notebooks have many different colors and textures, so if something you are looking for but can't make it on our stores. Pls contact us and our designers will be able to show you how to complete the order.

We coordinates with many kinds of famous factory like Coss, along with Anda stationery. It will Anda custom notebook can save suitable Recipe Journals to display your information.

Anda company will produce soft cover planners but also Modori Recipe Journals . We work with the one of the best supplier of papers, Kindly reach out our email for detailed answers. and the support man can offer your company on the brilliant choice to custom made your Recipe Journals .

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