Anda company dealed from partner to produce some of Journal Workbook as something like gift for their customer. It's exciting for market to possess their diaries to ad its brand. Our factory gets plenty of its journals to get thus the factory can perfectly custom every sides of the diaries from every pages to its gift box. Anda stationery obtain perfect paper to broadcast its brand, Anda also advertise beautiful lace.

Mill Anda Custom
Custom channel Custom Inner Pages
Number of pages 100
Weight of paper 125
Material of cover Cow leather
Factory name A4
It's notepad are made by beautiful leather in Italy. A number of papers are got in china stated own mill. The papers is made to all kinds of promotional products. Journal Workbook are punched directly from un-made leather to produce a covers. Leathers material have many kinds of textures, so as to if something you wanna get but can't discover it on our offline shop. Pls email us and designers should guide you to buy our products.

Anda hands with all kinds of distinguished notebooks manufacturer like Moleksine, accompanied by our company own brand. We think we can sell a excellent Journal Workbook to display your brand.

Our Anda company commits to export market-friendly notepads as well as Modori Journal Workbook . Our teams hand with the top mill of raw material, Pls get in touch to detailed support. so the support man can advise your company on the one of the best choice to manufacture your company's Journal Workbook .

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