Budget Promotional Notebooks : A4 lined navy-blue writing journals

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Anda Corporation has been contacted to manufacture some of the budget promotional notebooks for their clients as promotional items. I believe this product is very suitable for Anda users to use their beautiful notebooks to promote their companies. Our company buys a large number of journals from clients, and our company can then fully personalize the journals in a number of ways, including covers and boxes. Our purchases have chosen the perfect paper to showcase their company, and our sales also spread other decorations.

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Factory name Anda print
custom print logo
page number 120
page width 90
Cover cloth
notebook size B6
Our planners are made with high quality materials in beautiful places. Part of the dissertation was obtained in Morgonia. Personalized journals are made into many types of corporate gifts. Budget Promotional Notebooks are stamped from raw leather to create individual notebook covers. The leather on our products comes in many shapes and then anything you want to buy but can't find on the website. Find our support team on the contact page who can show you how to complete your order.

Our company cooperates with many excellent manufacturers such as Modori, and cooperates with Anda's journals. In this case, our company can have high-quality budget promotional notebooks to showcase the brand.

Anda's custom notebooks personalize the classic journal and Castelli planner. We have a first class PU leather store team, please contact us for more information. Our team will introduce you to our top choice custom budget promotional notebooks.

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