Sale department was ordered from customers to produce a little Print On Demand Journal for a business gift for their office clerk. The gift is best for people to possess its promotional journals to propagandize his products list. Our company,Anda stationery, bring plenty of its promotional journals to market ,after that Anda can greatly custom every aspects of the personalized notebooks including cover and boxes. Our company get fantastics material to match their business, Anda stationery also display elastic ribbon.

Agency Anda Notebooks
Custom way Custom Journal
Number of sheets 96
Page weight 100
Cover Genuine leather
Notebooks size B5
That planners ware made from eye-protection paper at Monsieur notebooks. A part of papers are bought in USA. Custom made notebooks are found in a beautiful gifts. notebooks were punched from a big piece of leather to make a notebook's cover. Leathers material have plenty of design, then there is anything you are serching for but can't do it on our markets. Kindly reach out our email and we can show you how to make order.

The company works with many eminent factory as for Castelli, with our own branded notebooks. So Anda custom notebook can have a high quality Print On Demand Journal to suit your design.

Our company is able to personalize hardcover planners and Leuchtturm Print On Demand Journal . We coordinate with the top-class mill of faux leather, Pls call us to detailed answers. then our team will introduce your company on the high quality product to personalize your Print On Demand Journal .