Our company touched of them to take a number of Customize Journal as a kind of gift for the new staffs or clients. It is not bad for our clients to own their promotional journals to advertise their products details. Our company buy few of its journals to be offered so the company can utterly personalise some sides of the branded notebooks from cover logo to its insert pages. Our company selected perfect paper to broadcast its brand, Anda stationery also broadcast beautiful lace.

Mill Anda Industry
Custom channel Imprinting Logo
Sheets 94
Sheet weight 90
Material of cover Leather cover
Factory name B6
The company's journal made of eye-protection paper at Anda's workhouse. Some of raw material were got in Italy. Custom made notebooks were produced into many types of clients presents. Customize Journal are punched from the leather hide to manufacture a notepad's cover. Anda's leathers have a lot of fashions, then if anything you wanna have but can't find it on our offline shop. Be free to email our guide team and the teams will defititely guide you through order process.

Our company has a team with a amount of brilliant company such as Castelli, with Anda brand. In the case, our company can provide a best Customize Journal to display your brand.

Anda stationery will produce eco-friendly planners as well as Coss Customize Journal . Our factories work with the biggest supplier of materials, Be free to contact us to detailed information. and the support man can suggest your company on the best product to custom made your Customize Journal .