Sale department is called with Anda to produce a few Personalized Faux Leather Journal for a business gift to their business partner. It was important for them to be gifted its branded notebooks to propagandize its brand color. Anda stationery buy a number of its customized journals to take thus our factory can perfectly customise some sides of the beautiful notebooks from the cover to inner pages. The factory obtain perfect paper to report their brand, the factory also ad elastic ribbon.

Factory Anda Custom Notebooks
Custom item Custom Inner Pages
Sheets 120
Weight of sheet 135
Cover material Leather material
Book size B8
The journals are made of eye-protection paper in shanghai. Some of raw material is taken in Italy. It were found in a high cost performance business gifts. Personalized Faux Leather Journal are punched directly from big leather to form a single cover. Cover leathers come in many kinds of fashions, so that if some promotional items you wanna get but can't find it on our offline shop. Kindly reach out our email then designers are able to guide you to buy our products.

We teams with plenty of good notebooks manufacturer like Filofax, accompanied by our journal brand. We think we company can found best Personalized Faux Leather Journal to express your idea.

Anda technically personalize hot saled planners and Paperblanks Personalized Faux Leather Journal . We have a team with the one of the best store of raw material, Kindly reach out our email for more question. later our assistant will suggest you on the biggest style to manufacture your Personalized Faux Leather Journal .

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