Sale department reached out for Anda to manufacture a great many Custom Notebook Covers as a gift for their clients. The gift is best for Anda's users to have their branded notebooks to advertise their business profits. Our factory produces a bulk of its notepads to order ,as a result our factory can fully personalise every aspects of the branded notebooks from different pages to different cover. We had the material to report his products list, Anda stationery also broadcast colorful bonds.

Mill name Anda Factory
Custom Imprinting Logo
Sheets number 92
Weight of sheet 130
Cover material Leather material
Book size B6
It's journals are made of good quality material in fantastic place. A lot of leather are sourced in Italy. It was made as a cheap promotional gifts. Custom Notebook Covers were punched from raw leather to produce a leather cover. Anda's leathers come in many different styles, then if anything you are looking for but can't discover it on our online shop. Pls contact us then the support teams are able to show you how to make order.

Anda works with many types of brilliant manufacturer as for Leuchtturm, along with Anda brand. That will we can save a good Custom Notebook Covers to display the brand.

Our Anda company commits to customize market-friendly notebooks and Coss Custom Notebook Covers . We team with the one of the best mill of PU leather, Pls contact us to detailed info. then our company can introduce our arrangement for your company on the best design to customize your company's Custom Notebook Covers .