A day, Anda dealed by friends to buy a part of Custom Soft Cover Notebook as a kind of gift to its new employees. It is meaningful for they and their friends to be presented their personalized notebooks to report their business. The factory takes a great many its custom notebooks to get so Anda can fully customize many ways of the beautiful notebooks from the outside to the cover to the inside page. Anda factory choosen the leahter to match their brand, Anda also match beautiful lace.

Factory Anda Office
Custom item Custom Notebooks
Page number 94
Paper weight 110
Cover spec Pu
Factory name B6
The company's journals were made by good quality material at Moleskine. A great portion of papers are purchased in top factory. Custom journals was produced in many types of business gifts. Custom Soft Cover Notebook are punched from general leather to manufacture a single products cover. Cover leathers had many kinds of design, so if some promotional items you are serching for but can't reach it on the markets. Pls contact us and we will be able to display it to you.

We company cooporates with lots of good mill like Moleksine, along with our journal brand. We think The company can offer a high quality Custom Soft Cover Notebook to display your information.

Our Anda company commits to customize leather notepads as well as Modori planners . We have a team with the excellent factory of faux leather, Pls email us to detailed support. and our worker can suggest your company on the first-class choice to personalize your company's Custom Soft Cover Notebook .